backpacks on the dog


Determine the right size backpack for your dog.

What's Inside

  • (1) Animal Emergency ID Sticker
  • (1) Bandana
  • (1) Dog First Aid Card
  • (1) Emergency Dog Food (2 to 3 day supply)
  • (2) Emergency Lightsticks
  • (1) Fire Hose Toy
  • (1) First Aid Book
  • (1) Flea Comb
  • (1) Hypothermia Blanket
  • (1) Medication Pill Box
  • (1) Pet First Aid Kit
  • (36) Poop Bags
  • (2) Portable Collapsible Bowls
  • (1) Purell Hand Sanitizier
  • (1) Red LED Night Collar Light
  • (1) Slip-Lead Leash
  • (1) Tab Band for Temporary Collar
  • (1) Waterproof Document Pouch
  • (6) Waters (2 to 3 day supply)
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    26" - 32" girth
    18 lbs - 50 lbs
  • Out of Stock
    30" - 40" girth
    50 lbs - 79 lbs
  • Out of Stock
    36" - 48" girth
    80 lbs and up
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About the Product

Give your dog the supplies and independence he needs for his best chance of surviving an emergency. The premiere Save Your Pet Pack Dog Backpack allows your dog to wear emergency supplies while giving you the freedom to carry other emergency or personal items. The backpack contains essential pet survival and medical items so any available animal-lover will be able to tend to his needs - especially if you get separated. It includes a premier pet first-aid kit that can be used even at home or in non-emergency situations.

Dog backpacks

  • Are easy and comfortable for a dog to wear
  • Encourage dogs to focus and calm down, which is helpful when dealing with stressful situations
  • Are ideal for your dog to wear his/her own backpack when chances you'll be separated are high
  • Any person will be able to care for your dog and identify him if he's found wearing his own emergency supplies.

Before purchasing, determine which dog backpack is right for your dog:

  1. Measure around the fullest part of the chest behind the front legs
  2. Weigh your dog
  3. Assess your dog's physical abilities:

    • Do not put more than one-third of your dog's weight into the bag. With supplies, the medium backpack weighs approximately 8lbs 9oz. If it's too heavy with all of its contents as delivered, lighten the load. We suggest removing water first, as it is heaviest.
    • Gauge your dog's physical condition. Refrain from using a backpack if your dog is older, in poor physical condition, has back or hip issues, etc.
    • Ease your dog into using the bag by putting it on for a few minutes at a time, then increasing the time-increments gradually.
    • To get the dog used to the bag, start with lighter loads – take the water out and add it gradually when your dog is more comfortable carrying the pack. Do not overload with additional items that might lead to injury.
    • Consult with your veterinarian prior to purchasing to ensure your dog is healthy enough to use this product.

Based on the girth and weight, you can select from one of the three available backpack sizes: Medium, Large, or X-Large. If your dog is small or cannot wear a backpack, we recommend you purchase the dog slingbag, which allows you to wear the dog's supplies for him.

After you receive your dog backpack, customize your kit!

Add routine/special foods and medications to the bag and complete our contact and identification form. Slide the form and a picture of you and your dog into the waterproof document pouch. Identification is key! If you get separated from your dog, you may have to prove he belongs to you.

The dog backpack is the perfect "be prepared" kit for taking your dog camping, hiking or for long treks. Now you'll be able to bring him anywhere without worries.

What if I want additional supplies?

We're happy to add additional supplies to your Save Your Pet Pack. Please email us your request and we will price-out a customized bag that suits your needs.

The Save Your Pet Pack is a great gift for your favorite canine lover! Don't wait until it's too late - prepare your pooch now - buy today!